Our Programs

EFI’s Research Fellowship Program

The Research Fellowship Program recruits young professionals interested in socio-economic and policy issues related to sustainability and climate change. Fellows are early to mid-career professionals from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from environmental studies and public health to urban studies and computer science. In this unpaid program, Research Fellows volunteer a few hours-per-week and train in academic and policy research skills and are immersed in the latest trends and concepts in sustainability and climate change issues. 

Fellows are trained and guided by a small group of pro-bono senior experts. As part of the program, Research Fellows develop, author, and publish original education and policy materials for free distribution through EFI’s web platform and for use in EFI’s online courses. Through this program, EFI fulfills two goals: contribute to the professional and intellectual development of a new generation of sustainability professionals and provide valuable and 

Sustainability Academy: Courses and Education for A Sustainable Future

Since the 2000’s, after EFI was invited by UNEP and UNESCO to help develop curricula for sustainable societies education for African universities, EFI has been succesfully developing and delivering a variety of courses for universities and high schools in the US. In 2019, we launched our new platform for online course delivery! 

Region360: Our new Latin America Initiative

Launched in 2019, Region360 is a multi-disciplinary, international initiative spearheaded by EFI that promotes sustainability and climate change education in Latin America by applying rigorous, data-driven analytical methods and promoting educational and policy initiatives to achieve resilient, healthy, and sustainable societies. 

Region360’s vision is to inspire, promote, and generate sustainable development approaches in Latin America by working along three axes of action, from scientific intervention to educational and policy analysis and consulting. For more information contact: cruiz@region360.org.

EFI Consulting

EFI can help define and implement a cross-disciplinary approach to sustainability education by engaging key stakeholders, including administrators, faculty and potential community partners. Services can include defining need, identifying key steps to be taken and designing an educational plan that can be adopted across a college or university or a region. In the past, we have supported the development of programs and initiatives in the academic and civil society sectors. EFI can provide and lead workshops or faculty learning communities (FLCs) to orient faculty to student-centered, sustainability learning pedagogy, discuss how sustainability issues and best practices can be integrated into the existing curriculum and identify materials for inclusion in sustainability courses or programs.

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