Welcome to our new website! We are in the middle of an exciting phase at EFI! Our team will be busy developing and curating quality content that reflects up-to-date trends in sustainability, in line with EFI’s 25 door approach. As in the last 30 years of EFI’s history, we will continue to be guided by our core approach to understand, recognize, integrate, and apply information to solutions for a better planet.

Some of the features we will be showcasing in the next few weeks include:

  • 25 modules on issues in sustainability, developed and refined over 30 years of work and experience at EFI.
  • An ongoing selection of curated content from around the world to help us understand the most pressing issues and highlight innovative solutions to the global sustainability challenge.
  • A series on core concepts in sustainability delivered through social media.
  • A series of book reviews to highlight some of the most critical and inspiring work from our network of friends in and outside academia.
  • A series of interviews with the most creative and experienced thinkers in the world of sustainability.
  • We will also have regular updates delivered to your email to keep you abreast of the latest policy and on-the-ground solutions in sustainability and climate change.

We are also upgrading our library of high school and college-level course materials, used over the years at Virginia Commonwealth University and by other partners, to an interactive, distance-learning platform (get in touch with us if you would like learn more about how to license EFI’s materials).

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