Region360 is a multi-disciplinary, international initiative spearheaded by the Environic Foundation International that promotes sustainability and climate change education in Latin America by applying rigorous, data-driven analytical methods and promoting educational and policy initiatives to achieve resilient, healthy, and sustainable societies.

We have a multidisciplinary, international team with presence in Washington, DC, San Salvador, Guatemala, and Brazil. We are currently conducting research and developing educational and policy tools in three areas: climate and hydrological modeling, sustainable economies and sustainability policy to help local stakeholders achieve the SDG’s and develop mitigation and adaptation strategies in the face of climate change.

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Research and data are at the core of our program. We have developed a sophisticated, and comprehensive approach that will generate analysis, and interpret data, along three axis that include water and climate, industry and society, and policy and education.

In our technical, quantitative axis, our Hydrology and Climatology Unit will develop analysis of water systems and deploy state-of-the art climate modeling data to yield actionable water and climate models that will serve as inputs to stakeholders. Our Sustainable Economies Unit develops rigorous technical reviews of industrial, business, and small-scale enterprise processes based on Life Cycle Assessment methodologies, which will yield actionable data that to allow its stakeholders to understand their environmental impact and develop cleaner processes.

In the qualitative axis, our policy unit synthesizes all the data produced in the technical units and analyzes it and will develop conceptual materials that include policy and position papers and research products that will seek to inform and influence policy actions in the region. All along, we will seek to develop and distribute accessible, interactive, and locally- adapted educational materials for non-technical sectors, including social movements, secondary and college-level educational sectors, and small-scale agricultural sectors and communities.

To learn more about Region360 and the our three projects visit our official website at:

Our Values

We believe Latin American societies have the human and technical capacity to re-envision current development paradigms towards more sustainable models that take into account the immediate and long-term threats posed by climate change and unsustainable elements of current economic development models. We believe Latin American communities, social groups, and entrepreneurial innovators hold the keys to transformation in the region. At the social level, we value diversity in world-views, identities, and social visions; at the level of practice, we favor transformative work anchored in collaboration, integrity, and a pursuit of technical excellence.

To learn more about Region360 and the our three projects visit our official website at:

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