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Global Sustainable Societies

Read EFI’s summary of the IPBES report

Around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction. That’s the striking statistic that made headlines around the world when a UN advisory body previewed its first global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services in May 2019. To understand the implications behind the assessment and what we can do about it, we take a closer look at the report behind the headlines. Read EFI’s summary here:

EFI Celebrates Earth Day and Launches New Programs.

An Earth Day letter from William Godfrey, President of EFI…

Dear EFI friends and supporters,

As we approach Earth Day on April 22nd, the Environic Foundation International (EFI) is honoring this most important day for our relationship with the planet by sharing the results of over a year of work spent enhancing our organizational capacity and launching several exciting new programs that provide high quality educational materials and training for concerned citizens, students, and sustainability and policy professionals! We want to share the news and encourage you to visit our website in the next few weeks as we roll out a variety of educational materials in EFI’s twenty-five areas of sustainability.

We also want to encourage you to get involved in this effort by supporting EFI. Please consider contributing to any of our funds, which include allocations for content development, research fellowships, course development, and EFI operations.

We strongly believe that if we work as a team, we hold the keys to a sustainable future. We want to support you in your quest by developing and providing you with materials and strategies to tackle the most pressing challenges posed by issues like climate change. To that end, our efforts aim to produce interactive educational and policy materials for free distribution on our website and for use on our new online course platform. Our Research Fellowship is training a new generation of sustainability leaders and professionals, and our content production program is generating valuable educational tools and materials for those interested in strategies, solutions, and thoughtful responses to our environmental and socio-economic challenges.

I invite you to read the rest of this newsletter to learn more about our programs, contribute to our funds, and to reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas for creating a more sustainable planet:

Happy Earth Day!


William Godfrey

Learn More About Our Content Development Program.

Welcome to our new website! We are in the middle of an exciting phase at EFI! Our team will be busy developing and curating quality content that reflects up-to-date trends in sustainability, in line with EFI’s 25 door approach.

As in the last 30 years of EFI’s history, we will continue to be guided by our core approach to understand, recognize, integrate, and apply information to solutions for a better planet.

Some of the features we will be showcasing in the next few weeks include:25 modules on issues in sustainability, developed and refined over 30 years of work and experience at EFI.

An ongoing selection of curated content from around the world to help us understand the most pressing issues and highlight innovative solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

We will have regular updates delivered to your email to keep you abreast of the latest policy and on-the-ground solutions in sustainability and climate change.

We are also upgrading our library of high school and college-level course materials, used over the years at Virginia Commonwealth University and by other partners, to an interactive, distance-learning platform (get in touch with us if you would like learn more about how to license EFI’s materials).

EFI’s Sustainable Societies at VCU.

Our Sustainable Societies Course is now the gateway course for the Certificate in Sustainable Innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Certificate in Sustainable Innovation is designed to provide students in any VCU baccalaureate program the option of adding a formal certificate program in sustainability and sustainable approaches to problem-solving. The Certificate in Sustainable Innovation will use a systems-thinking approach to problems of sustainability across all of the academic disciplines. 

Volunteer with EFI

At EFI we are committed to helping people become agents of positive change. Your contribution of treasure, talent or time would be wonderful.
We are seeking volunteers who are interested in conducting research in the 25 areas of sustainability (see our 25-issue matrix); we need designers and illustrators; and we also need social media-savvy folks interested in learning the ropes of fundraising online. We have teams in Washington, DC and Richmond, VA, but we also have a robust platform for remote collaboration if you are located beyond. Interested? Contact us at

Learn About Sustainable Societies Africa at EFI

As Africa and the world come to realize the nature of our interwoven environmental, social, and economic challenges, we all awake to the importance of hope. Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development provides a real foundation for hope and optimism as we work together to create a sustainable Africa.

Learn about EFI’s Global Sustainable Societies course. 

Global Sustainable Societies is a survey of the full range of global social, economic and environmental sustainability issues and trends. This course results in significantly increased awareness and understanding of global sustainability challenges and the types of solutions being used to tackle them.

Explore the 25-Issue Matrix.

EFI’s education programs use a systems-thinking methodology that combines an examination of the twenty-five, most critical social, economic and environmental issues that will drive global change with personal skills development.