Photo of Michel ZajurPresident / CEO, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Michel Zajur is founder, President and CEO of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a powerful statewide organization comprised of hundreds of businesses and individuals. The Chamber serves as a bridge linking the Hispanic community with the community-at-large in Virginia, promoting Hispanic awareness and business opportunities through events and services. Born out of the Chamber, The Virginia Hispanic Foundation offers education and resources to the Hispanic community, mentorship programs, loan programs, legal assistance, Small Business Administration seminars, economic endeavors and more.

Born in Mexico City, Zajur and his family moved to Virginia in the 1960’s, opening a family restaurant and setting Zajur on a mission to promote to the economic and social well-being of Latinos throughout their integration into the community and culture. Over twenty years ago, Michel and his wife, Lisa, opened a public cultural program that served over 100,000 school children throughout Virginia. Called Siesta Town, it was so successful that they expanded and renamed it the Spanish Academy and Cultural Institute. This Institute now serves students as well as Fortune 500 business organizations, governmental institutions and United States military facilities by developing and offering products and services that help them learn Spanish and the Hispanic culture. Michel Zajur has served numerous appointments by Congressman Eric Cantor, Governor Mark Warner, Governor Tim Kaine, and Governor McDonnell.