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The Latest: news & updates from EFI…

Our Sustainable Societies – James River Basin course is now the Gateway Course for the Certificate in Sustainable Innovation at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The Certificate in Sustainable Innovation is designed to provide students in any VCU baccalaureate program the option of adding a formal certificate program in sustainability and sustainable approaches to problem-solving. The Certificate in Sustainable Innovation will use a systems-thinking approach to problems of sustainability across all of the academic disciplines. Read More…

Learn About Sustainable Societies Africa at EFI.

As Africa and the world come to realize the nature of our interwoven environmental, social, and economic challenges, we all awake to the importance of hope. Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development provides a real foundation for hope and optimism as we work together to create a sustainable Africa.

SRVA is a growing number of community members in the Richmond, VA area who believe that to become a more equitable, healthy, prosperous, and sustainable region, an aspirational vision needs to be articulated, as well as a plan for how to implement that vision. SRVA’s purpose is to define social, economic and environmental goals for the region, identify strategies to reach those goals, and serve as a coordinating agent for the implementation of those strategies. Read more here.

Volunteer with EFI.

At EFI we are committed to helping people become agents of positive change. Your contribution of treasure, talent or time would be wonderful. contact us at

EFI participates in the Sustainability Curriculum Consortium’s 2018 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Co-hosted by Penn State University’s Sustainability Institute in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, The SCC Faculty Conference focused on Pedagogy, Content & Leadership with a mix of panels, workshops, and roundtables. Lear more about this year’s SCC Conference here…

Picture above: Dr. David Orr Delivers the keynote address.

Learn about sustainability around the world with EFI’s Global Sustainable Societies course. 

Global Sustainable Societies is a survey of the full range of global social, economic and environmental sustainability issues and trends. This course results in significantly increased awareness and understanding of global sustainability challenges and the types of solutions being used to tackle them.

Explore the 25-Issue Grid.

EFI’s education programs use a systems-thinking methodology that combines an examination of the twenty-five, most critical social, economic and environmental issues that will drive global change with personal skills development.